Our Projects and Branches: 

Meet and mingle has three branches running successfully in Slough-Chalvey, Wexham, Manor Park and uses different community sites during various terms.

It also runs and support various projects:Women Cancer Support Group,Cancer Support Group in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, Carer Support Group, ASA Group and Women Wellbeing Group.



Women Cancer Support Group at Wexham-Slough, Berkshire:

  • Focus of this group is to raise awareness of cancer
  • Support and improve lives of women affected by the illness. 
  • Arrange Fundraising events  and Coffee Mornings.


Cancer Support Group in High Wycombe,Buckinghamshire:

  • Helping women in High Wycombe who are suffering with cancer.
  • Supporting with information, advice, resources on practical, medical, emotional support.
  • Raising awareness.
  • Developing new friendships.
  • Organising activities for members, families and friends.


Carer Support Group:     


  • Supporting and improving lives of people caring and looking after someone.
  • Providing advice, resources on physical, Mental, Social & emotional needs of the carers
  • Training & Courses for better wellbeing
  • Developing new friendships
  • Raising issues, problems and awareness of caring
  • Recognising and assessing the carer
  • Information days/ events, information sessions etc.


ASA (Achieving Strong Aims) Group:

  • This group is specially dedicated to disable youths.
  • Helps young adults with physical disabilities.
  • Helps socialise, make new friends and beat isolation and loneliness.
  • Breaks barriers, discrimination and raise awareness about disability in the society.


Women Wellbeing Group:

  • Aims to look after the physical, Mental, Social and emotional wellbeing of women.

  • Share friendship with other community groups and faiths.

  • Help build self-esteem, confidence and empowerment.

  • Networking within the community to build community cohesion.

  • Reduce isolation, loneliness, depression, Stress and long term illnesses as high blood pressure, diabetes and other health conditions.


Working Women Support Group:

  • Sip....Get fit.....and talk!

  • Get ready to laugh and be inspired!

  • Get away from your desk and relax!

  • Melt the stress away!

  • Connect, support and empower other career women.












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