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  • Mohinder Gill (Thursday, March 28 19 05:46 pm GMT)

    I'm looking forward to 11th May to celebrate the 6th Anniversary of Meet & Mingle, come and join us & be part of a caring & very sucessful group, open to all ages & all communities , you will not be disappointed. Wishing Aksa Ji & her Family Good Health & Many more Anniversary,s to celebrate. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, I wish you had been my friend & part of my life much you lots Aksa Ji 🙏🙏

  • Mohinder Gill (Thursday, March 28 19 05:27 pm GMT)

    I joined the Meet & Mingle Group in October 2016 after being discharged from work due to ill health. Aksa Ji is an inspiration to us all even through her treatment for Ovarian Cancer, she is working so hard to keep the Group going, with help from Charanjit ,Jasvir,Surinder,Saroj,Urmala & many volunteer helpers. I look forward to all the activities & trips arranged.🙏👏🏽👏🏽

  • Paula (Sunday, December 02 18 07:32 am GMT)

    I can I find out more about your services, especially for my mum to attend the women's wellbeing group, can you please email me.

  • Jasvir Kalsi (Monday, April 02 18 10:42 pm BST)

    I am blessed so much since I joined Meet & Mingle. I meet so many good, clever hard work people. I learn so much from others. Aksa is down to earth so brave, so humble which makes me to help her. We learn new things every week. Thanks to Meet & Mingle and Aksa for giving me so much to do and learn and meet new people.

  • Zee Mir (Monday, April 02 18 10:37 pm BST)

    Not only has the group had a fantastic impact on my social life but I believe that it has really improved my health and well being too. I would whole-heartedly recommend this group to every women no matter what their background. I would like to extend my personal appreciation and thanks for the confidence it has given back to me. From the group leader to admin staff, I say, "Thank You So Much For Everything You've Done" , all your hard work and the enjoyment and pleasure I've received from this great group

  • Florence (Monday, April 02 18 10:24 pm BST)

    I am so pleased that I am a member of Meet and Mingle group, because here ladies of all ages, all ethnic backgrounds and from all communities are welcome. It feels like a big family group where you can make new friends and just be yourself without anyone judging you, it is a safe place to express yourself.

  • Gurmel Sidhu (Monday, April 02 18 10:10 pm BST)

    It is great being a member of Meet & Mingle as the group is very friendly and sociable; you are always meeting new people and also form friendships within the group.

  • Asha Rahi (Monday, April 02 18 10:08 pm BST)

    I always look forward to group meetings. This group has meaning of life by doing all sorts of activities, outing, and learning from experts. Aksa is a kind of human who reflects this nations compassion unselfish, caring, patience and just plain loving one another. I can say with great pride this group has given me back my S-M-I-L-E......

  • Kuldeep Kaur Dhillon (Monday, April 02 18 10:01 pm BST)

    After taking early retirement, I felt there wasn't much to do, was kind of stuck at home, didn't know many people and felt that I needed to get out and do activities that relates to health and socially. Since I joined Meet & Mingle I found that balance.

  • Mohinder Gill (Sunday, March 11 18 10:10 am GMT)

    I have reason for getting up in the morning. I look forward to all the activities and meeting all the new friends I have made in the short space of time. Aksa ji is an example to us all. We all have problems in our lives, but to enjoy and make everyday special as we can. Aksa ji is such a kind, caring and positive person. I am so greatful for her being in my life as my friend, I just wish I had found you sooner.

  • Naureen Cheema (Sunday, March 11 18 09:56 am GMT)

    Meet and Mingle is there for women in thick and thin. I have had so much support and understanding when I was going through difficult times. It’s incredible!

  • Santosh Birly (Sunday, March 11 18 09:45 am GMT)

    My husband died a few years ago. I was feeling very lonely and depressed. Joining Meet and Mingle was turning point in my life. Gradually, I realised without this group I won’t be able to survive. God can not be everywhere, so he sent Aksa for us. This was my thinking and still is. Together we do so many activities and charity work. I pray to God give our Aksa long life and happiness. We all love her very much.

  • Surinder Daheley (Sunday, March 11 18 09:39 am GMT)

    I joined Meet and Mingle in October 2016, it hasn’t been long but I already feel that I am managing my problems better and really look for going to the group. It is a God sent and I think Aksa is an angel or should I say she is a gem and a priceless gem. God can’t be everywhere so he sends his special people to help others and she is one of them.

  • Prafula dava (Sunday, March 11 18 09:30 am GMT)

    This Meet and Mingle group brings together ladies from all walks of life, giving them a place to express themselves and come out of the isolation that is very challenging for many seniors. A variety of activities, provide healthy exercise, creativity and mental stimulation, entertainment and especially outings, which many can’t do on their own.
    Aksa you are doing immense favour to us all by starting and maintaining this group. It is has not been the easiest of task, but it is your placid nature and expertise that I admire most. Especially when it comes to dealing with ‘unruly’ ladies and discipline!!!! Keep up the good work.

  • Gulshan Mughal (Sunday, March 11 18 09:20 am GMT)

    I especially admire Aksa for her hard work and to bring the community together. Aksa, I must say you have such a wonderful way of making each person feel welcome and to create such positive energy with your “can do” attitude. Congratulations on running the group successfully!

  • Savita Mohan (Sunday, March 11 18 09:14 am GMT)

    Before joining Meet and Mingle I was not able to mix with 2 or 3 people, but now I can walk in to a room with 50 people and communicate with them. Being part of the group for the 3rd Anniversary was a big step. Thanks to meet and mingle and my blessings to Aksa. I pray to the lord for our group to prosper.

  • Jasvir Kalsi (Saturday, March 10 18 07:53 pm GMT)

    I have learned so much, Made so many friends, This is all of Aksa who is doing so much for us. She is always very and smiling. she listens to everyone and she is very caring. She has so much patience and loves everyone. This group has been a fantastic impact on my social life and confidence in myself.

  • Mohinder Gill (Wednesday, April 26 17 02:18 am BST)

    It has been a another successful year for Meet & Mingle Group.We all enjoyed the Celebrations last Saturday (22.4.2017) for the 4th Anniversary of the Group.A BIG THANK YOU to AKSA JI & FAMILY FOR BEING IN OUR LIFE. 😄😀

  • MOHINDER GILL (Friday, December 16 16 08:48 pm GMT)

    Since I joined meet & mingle I have been given a New meaning to enjoying your life to the full. Aksa Ji is an inspiration to us all & I look forward to all the activities & CHARANJIT,S MASALA CHAI.Thank you so much.Love Mohinder Gill X

  • Riffat (Monday, November 21 16 09:07 pm GMT)

    None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.
    We believe in each other.
    We laugh together, we work together.
    "Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."
    few drops in this ocean are

  • Aruna (Monday, November 21 16 12:03 am GMT)

    Meet and Mingle is a wonderful organisation!

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